Hello There! My name is Cameron, but most people call me Cam and I am a Photographer & Cinematographer from Buffalo, New York! Yes, I know, my name is Cam and I use cameras, you're allowed to laugh at it! 
I began my Photography journey at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic back in 2020, as a new form of creativity, since I had a lot of free time! I have a background in cinematography and editing, so it made sense that photography was my next outlet!
I have had opportunities in multiple fields to photograph as a freelancer. From Esports events to Concerts, Portraits to Graduations, I have shot many different stories for many different people. My most notable has been Esports Tournaments over the years for games like Call of Duty, Halo, Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege, that have sent me to places such as Boston,MA, Orlando,FL, Raleigh,NC and Montreal, Canada. I also work hand in hand with a band in Buffalo named "Letter to Elise" as their sort of content partner. I am the one at their shows taking their pictures, helping them make content for other social medias, and have since become an integral part of creating the identity of the band in the social media space. 
My favorite thing about photography is the ability to take a moment in time and freeze it to look back on and cherish. I think being able to look back at the "good times" is something special, and photography allows us to do that! Every photograph has a story and I love capturing those stories for us to tell to the next generation and others around us.
Cinematography has been apart of my life for about 8 years now. I have loved creating videos ever since 2016. I started with a digital media class, and then moved on to help start a small Video Production Company in Niagara Falls, NY with my friends where we shot multiple commercials for local businesses. Since 2021 I have had the opportunity to travel to multiple places to help shoot and produce content for Esports organizations at events. These places include Boston, Orlando, Raleigh and Montreal. Most of this content was documentary style, in which I was tasked with following a specific team and capturing their journey for that event, and to tell their story. 
One thing you will get with me is my absolute all. I am always looking for new ways to expand my skills and create these everlasting stories in both photography and cinematography. I have watched a lot of films to try and find my style of color I like, I have looked at thousands and thousands of photos to learn and understand certain compositions and elements. 
I hope to be welcomed along on your next adventure in creating a story for all to enjoy!
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