Cam Faccini
Hello There! My name is Cameron, but most people call me Cam and I am a photographer from the Buffalo, New York area! Yes, I know, my name is Cam and I use cameras, you're allowed to laugh at it! 
I began Photography at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic back in 2020, as a new form of creativity, since I had a lot of free time! I have a background in Videography and Editing, so it made sense that photography was my next outlet!
I have done a wide variety of shoots such as Portrait, Product, Landscape and more! However, my favorite is definitely Portraits because I love to connect and create a scene around a subject! Also capturing emotion is something I find very special. As someone who loves movies and the emotion they give it is something I try to make sure I always have in any photo! I am also a huge fan of shooting at night and using lights to create a stylistic look! 
My favorite thing about photography is the ability to take a moment in time and freeze it to look back on and cherish. I think being able to look back at the "good times" is something special, and photography allows us to do that! 
If you are getting ready for your Senior Year or finishing up and need Graduation pics, or are just looking to spice up your Instagram feed feel free to send me an inquiry or head over to my Instagram and send me a message there!

Hope to shoot with you soon!
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